Today I learned something New!!

Greetings from The Slave Detective,

Of course we try to learn something every day!

I have received this article from IHRG who recently posted Podcasts of an interview with DC Andy Desmond on Ju Ju. (click here for the Podcasts).

The article highlighted by IHRG appears to be someone who thinks it is funny to sell women to the highest bidder!

IHRG are asking for people to write to the poster of this article to take it down.

What do you think?

Talking about ‘Learning something new’ here is a very good opportunity to learn a great deal more about Human Trafficking.

ECPAT are trying to promote a course that they are running with the excellent Ex Police Supt Bernie Gravett called ‘Specialist Police Training: Investigating Child Trafficking’. Check out ECPAT’s training page

Bernie is full of passion about the subject and ran Operation GOLF the Roma Child Trafficking Investigation. I am sure this will be worth tapping in to.

I’m proud to have served on the unit run by him.



One response to “Today I learned something New!!

  1. Thanks for the mention Roddy. We really hope lots of police officers and staff sign up so that we can really help people to learn about how to investigate and identify the trafficking of children. It’s vital information for those working on the front line. All the best, Chloe (Information Officer, ECPAT UK)

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