Canadian Trafficking King Pin Flattened

Greetingings from The Slave Detective,

My keen followers in Canada have posted me this recent case.

It is easy to underestimate the amount of effort that goes into ensuring a top player pleads guilty to a human trafficking charge.

In five years of being involved in the prosecution of Human Trafficking cases we didn’t have a single case that pleaded guilty to their charges. They were happy often to plead guilty to the lesser charge of Controlling Prostitution if the Human Trafficking charges were dropped, but no one pleaded guilty to the Trafficking Charge.

The Human Exploitation Unit, formally the Clubs and Vice Unit in The Met often badge up Trafficking Cases that they accept plea’s of guilty on lesser charges.

Therefore this is a major result for the Canadian Authorities. I’m unsure if they run a similar system to the one in The USA where plea bargaining takes place. This doesn’t happen in The UK. Even if this is the case ‘Human trafficking kingpin to learn fate in Hamilton’ is still a great triumph for The Canadian Authorities.

I read also with interest that this case featured Hungarian Nationals. The Hungarian National Police should also reap the credit for some of this result as they were always brilliant partners in our investigations.

In Law Enforcement you are stronger if you work together.



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