Prostitutes being ‘cleared from the streets’ of London

Greetings from The Slave Detective,

Well it appears the predicted response to The Mayor of London has occurred.

The recent report by the Mayor openly criticised The Metropolitan Police recent results in dealing with the growing vice problem around the Olympic Site. True to form they have targeted the easy option and gone for the Prostitutes ‘working’ that area.

Great move! The Daily Mail were strong supporters of The former Human Trafficking Team who went for the Traffickers and brothel owners in this region. I predicted that the ‘Working Girls’ would be on the back end of the response to The Mayors criticism and The Daily mail appear to have revealed that this is the case.

Prostitutes being ‘cleared from the streets’ of London shows what the Met have actually done in this area. They have gone for the easy option which is why they have lost their biggest asset. The dedicated detectives like DC Andy Desmond.

His latest PODCAST on West African Trafficking can be listened to on this link.

It shows his patience dealing with the victim, his dedication and method of learning. Listen to his fascinating words.



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