West African Trafficking Uncovered.

Greetings from The Slave Detective,

If you have read my blogs you will know how proud I am of being at the creation of The Human Trafficking and part of the giant leaps this team made. Cream rises.

I’m also immensely proud of working with the great people that were on that team. We had one or two ‘duffers’ who caused me problems but the others more than made up for them.

On removing the problem children from my team I was lucky enough to recruit a couple of very special detectives.

One of these was Detective Constable Andy Desmond. He has recently retired but not before completing one of the best cases of his career.

Op Quartzire started in 2008. I twisted ‘Dezzies’ arm and gave him the poison chalice of dealing with The most difficult of trafficking areas in Trafficking Investigation, West African victims.

Our NGO’s were telling us that 90% of their clientel were from West Africa. We were not dealing with a single case. WHY?

I set ‘Dezzie’ on the case!

DC Desmond has just undertaken an interview with the International Human Rights Group which forms a Podcast. part one has just been posted.

Listen to it here. This is what good Detective work is all about!



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