We are not the first!

Greetings from The Slave Detective,

Today one of the things that I have noticed is how many professional persons out there give up their time and resources to raise the awareness of the general public about Human Trafficking.

This is especially the case around films about Human Trafficking.

I came across this interesting article recently commenting on the difficulties some have had around getting such projects off the ground.

George Loane Tucker (12 June 1872 – 20 June 1921) was an American film director and screenwriter. He directed 61 films between 1911 and 1921. Tucker had been an actor before moving to directing. In 1913 he directed Traffic in Souls, which concerned the topic of white slavery. The film, over 70 years later, remains an early influential example of realism in early cinema.

This article talks about his difficulties in people accepting his project. Some of them still remain today.

It struck me that not much has changed, except maybe a little more awareness.

It also struck me that sometimes we think we have an original idea. Then we see that many had that idea nearly 100 years earier.



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