‘Beefing Up’ Legislation

Greetings from The Slave Detective,

There are many US States that are ‘beefing up’ their legislation around the subject of Human Trafficking.

Kentucky is one such State that are looking to do just this. Their Politicians are having a minor spat about how quickly it is being brought to Statute.

This particular legislation is HB 350. This particular bill would have made it a crime to patronize a prostitute or a minor victim of human trafficking. This obviously is a discussion worth having.

What I found most interesting though was the comment on the article by a person tagged ghost42103 at the bottom of the page.

This is the opinion of a single person who has withheld his details, but is a major discussion point I have heard many times.

It is easy to attempt to dismiss this opinion. This person obviously isn’t aware? That is in no means meant to sound patronising.

This person is exactly the type of mind set that we need to be engaging with. It is pointless continually addressing those who are already aware of exactly how debasing Human Trafficking is.

Getting aggressive with ghost42103 isn’t going to help either. Lively debate and discussion will. Maybe ghost42103 might convince others of their point of view.

But this is the arena we need to be entering. I love having discussions with persons like ghost42103. It is also an opportunity to re-enforce what I am doing is worthwhile. Every day we learn.

Ohio is another State that his picking up the challenge. I hope their 90 day Task Force is kept on but at least they are tackling the problem. There is also another interesting comment on this article from ‘Ciceropolo’.

Gov. Christine Gregoire on Thursday signed into law a dozen bills meant to fight sex trafficking, including one aimed at commercial websites such as backpage.com that publish escort ads that have been blamed for exploiting minors for sex. Senate Bill 6251 will ban advertising of escort services that exploit or sell minors into the sex trade industry.

This issue is something I have spoken about before. CCAT in London targeted a local newspaper and got these adds removed. There are many web pages that should be targeted by the authorities. They are often put in the ‘Too Difficult Tray’.

Finally New York State Council members supported a demonstration against Child Trafficking. I hope this is a genuine show of support. I’m sure it is.




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