Prostitution ring in Madrid tattooed 19-year-old woman with bar code

Greetings from The Slave Detective,

This reported case on CNN just sends a chill down my spine. I hope our law enforcement are on the lookout for this in the UK. Criminal Gangs love to mark their property. During the Second World War, The Nazi’s marked the Jews and the Roma Gypsies with almost the same.

Now here was are in 2012, Romanian Nationals in Spain marking their property.

A the headline states ‘Prostitution Ring in Madrid tattooed 19 year old woman with bar code.’

When I was working on Operation ‘GOLF’ we saw many of our victims being traded to Spain. They have a massive problem with Roma. In one case 30 children were found locked up in a shipping container for their abode. They were involved in a ‘Fagan’s Ring’. Stealing to keep their ‘masters’ in the Gypsy Palaces in Romania and earning them up to 100,000 Euro’s a year.

This also feeds on from The great narrative completed by ‘Diaries of a Dublin Call Girl’ and how a survivor gets over such an ordeal?


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