Talking of Dilemma’s.

Greetings from The Slave Detective,

I’ve just read the most recent post from a blog I have been following for a while. The Secret Diary of a Dublin Call Girl is an unusual insight into a survivor’s thoughts and day to day issues.

In her latest blog she is feeling what she refers to as ‘Pull Back’. Will she go back into prostitution?

 She says after making an appointment with a punter ‘I felt in charge again’

It makes us realise that the road to recovery for a survivor is a daily, ongoing, process that doesn’t just go away when a case is concluded. The post following this one is also amazingly frank and revealing.

One line in it tugs at the heart strings “Sex outside of escorting is a tricky one to talk about. I am basically an unpaid prostitute when I have sex”

How does someone get out of that world and survive?

With the help and dedication of groups of people like the POPPY Project. This is just one NGO in The UK. There are many like them around the world. They are the long term solution for survivors.



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