Human Trafficking Forum

Greetings from The Slave Detective,

Some days of our lives we are blessed by the people we meet.

I attended a Human Trafficking Forum in ‘The Temple’ opposite the Royal Courts of Justice in London. It is the home of British Justice, The Bar. (The Whole Body of Lawyers)

This is a regular gathering of a group of persons involved, in various ways, in combating Human Trafficking.

At this meeting ‘Living Lens’ launched their new training DVD, ‘Next Step’

This DVD has been put together for the purpose of providing survivors of trafficking exactly what services are there for them. The Police, The Boarders Agency, The UK Human Trafficking Centre (UKHTC), The Crown Prosecution Service and The POPPY Project (a women’s help agency) all explain their roles to a survivor when they embark upon the frightening road of being recognised as a victim of this crime.

This is the second Living Lens DVD. I have spoken about the first one in a pervious blog.

It is a huge body of work condensed into a DVD that lasts about an hour but gives the user the opportunity to go to the most appropriate part for each stage of the survivors process.

If this is something you could use I urge you to contact Living Lens. The DVD is available for sale for £10 as it has been partially funded by Comic Relief.

Also at the meeting was the amazing Debbie Beadle from ECPAT UK. She is the skipper of the five woman crew that have just rowed across The Atlantic unaided. They broke two world records and raised money for two anti trafficking charities. I blogged about this project previously on the Human Trafficking News Daily web page.

Debbie is very humble talking about this achievement and how she coped being sea sick for two weeks is beyond me. Incredible feat of endurance. Well done.

ECPAT (End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography and Trafficking for Sexual Purposes) and have a very informative web page. They were also involved in the Anti trafficking Monitoring Group and produced a lengthy report which is full of links to brilliant reports such as ‘Stolen Smiles’ by Cathy Zimmerman.

Also at the forum was the leading Human Rights Barrister Parosha Chardran, a leading specialist in the areas of forced labour law and human trafficking. She was Barrister of the year in 2008.

She was recently involved in several appeal cases which feature Vietnamese Children used in cultivating cannabis. These are fascinating cases that now appear to be almost epidemic.

 Police are uncovering cannabis factories being tendered by young persons, very similar to the ones in the Damian Lewis film Stolen, almost on a daily basis.(see my links for ‘Stolen’)

Conversations with Parosha are always lively and engaging.

So that was my evening. I haven’t even mentioned the lady who is about to publish her research paper on foreign national women on remand in our prisons. More of that later.



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