Trafficking being Combatted in The Middle East

Greetings from The Slave Detective,

Checking over the countries looking at my post I noted a marked increase in The Middle Eastern and Indian Continent. (Damn Clever these computers!!)

I have also noted recently a larger number of cases coming out of these area’s. This is interesting as the ‘Trafficking In Persons Report’ (TIP) graded The Middle Eastern regions quite poorly. Saudi Arabia being one of the bottom rated countries.

Today there was a report from The Oman Daily News discussing a gang being arrested for Human Trafficking. Whilst I was in Dubai (just around the corner) I was shocked at how many persons from The Indian Sub Continent were working in various roles there. I’m not suggesting they were all trafficked but many were working in poor conditions and for little pay.

It is great to see The Middle Eastern Countries addressing these issues and being confident enough to report their successes in their media. They haven’t always been comfortable in announcing to the world cases such as these.

I will try to highlight more cases from these regions and attempt to discuss the merits of their strategies.




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