31 Overseas Filipino Women (OFWs) human trafficking victims

Greetings from The Slave Detective,

“31 Overseas Filipino Women (OFWs) human trafficking victims” is the rather bizarre headline of the Online Journal today.

It reports that the Vice President of Syria was attending a ‘Boy Scout meeting’ in Switzerland and was stopped at the airport.

Syria is of course big headline news so quite what the vice president of Syria was doing in Switzerland at a Boy Scout Jamboree is to say the least unusual.

The stop was carried out by members of the Inter-Agency Council Against Trafficking (IACAT) who are a Government Agency from The Philippines.

The whole story seems strange and this article isn’t particularly well written. You have to search around a few other stories on the subject to get a composite picture of what was going on.

But the overriding issue here is that the travelling staff of a major government figure had 31 trafficked persons on his aeroplane!

No doubt he has been charged with offences and is in custody awaiting trial? Yeah I bet!!!

On another issue I often like to read articles by NICHOLAS KRISTOF of the New York Times.

He has travelled all around the world reporting on Human Trafficking. His articles are well written and thoughtful and I have often referred to their content.

This article though turns the spotlight on his home town, NY, and asks “How can we comment on other countries when our own back yard isn’t in order?”

He writes about a case of Human Trafficking that happened right outside his offices. A woman being sold into the Sex Slavery world.

It is a very good point. ‘The Trafficking in Persons Report’ grades world countries on their response to Human Trafficking. Law makers need to be strong in their legislation. When we are seen to be strong in this area then we can turn the spotlight on others.

Please though remember different cultural ways should not be measured using our ‘acceptability stick’. We need to work with these different cultures not against them.



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