“Coffee shop sex trafficking bust”

Greetings from The Slave Detective,

This headline from WDTN.com is on the face of it just another media busting headline. Its designed to catch your eye…it caught mine!

On actually reading the article two things caught my attention properly. This was engagement of a victim/sex worker, to snare a very bad man. It is a double good news story from Ohio, USA.

The second thing that caught me eye was one of the news trailers. Again it was on the subject of THB. This was an Ohio faith based NGO who had engaged with local Hotels to place bars of soap in hotel rooms.

They have placed help line numbers on the bars of soap which maybe used by trafficked victims.

This is a very brave move an behalf of the Hoteliers as well. It is almost saying we have trafficked women using our hotel rooms to provide sexual services and we want to pass a message to help them.

But maybe we should be sending out a stronger massage.

If Hotels believe this is happening under their noses could they turn away the ‘pimps’ business. Could Hotels get together to create a statement of intent. ‘We will not allow a steady stream of punters into our hotels.

It always amazes me when I travel and stay in hotels, some very nice hotels, that prostitutes are allowed to ‘work’ the bar area. A blind eye is turned.

Should we accept this?

Lots of action groups have slogans saying ‘Not in my Neighbourhood’.

Lets have businesses saying ‘ Not under my Roof!’

Finally, a question I get asked many times when I speak is ‘What do you think about the film ‘Taken’. Is it true to life..etc. I have expressed my views, for what they are worth.

I noted with interest in The LA Times today another TV film, Missing which appears to be along the same lines. It doesn’t sound terribly good to be truthful but what it has done is created discussion. So no doubt I will be asked on my views on ‘Missing’.

I suppose I had better give it a viewing!



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