Do we have Ju Ju on the ropes?

Greetings from The Slave Detective,

As I learn of one of my very good friends, DC Andy Desmond is on the brink of calling it a day working for The Metropolitan Police Human Exploitation Unit, I worry about what will happen now with Witchcraft?

Andy had taken on this subject whilst working on my Human Trafficking Team and recorded the most successful prosecution for an African Trafficking case in the UK. I hope to get him to Podcast his experience dealing with this case. There are many lessons that can be learned from his dogged approach. I have posted about his brilliant detecting on this case previously and nominated him for a Commendation for his work.

So when today I read the great work the Dutch Authorities have done in this field I can smile once again.

In an article “Nigerian trafficker convicted after anti-voodoo move” The Dutch Authorities have now flagged up Ju Ju and have placed controls at their boarders to combat this. The suspect received one year shy of the maximum sentence in Holland where it is very hard to prove Trafficking due to the fact that they have legalised Prostitution.

Under the heading “Moral authority”, Dutch Radio commented in the following way:-

“To break the power of juju, Dutch police introduced the girls to a Nigerian priest living in the Netherlands and to a woman who had been a victim of trafficking. They apparently helped convince at least 10 of them to bring charges against those who had lured them in to prostitution.”

Andy did much the same. What this doesn’t tell you is the amazing patience and trust the investigation team have to put in to get this result. They should be applauded from the highest rooftops.

The bravery of the victims then to accept the reversal of the JU JU is also not to be underestimated.

I would love to report more of these cases, especially in the UK. I doubt that SCD9 will be brave enough to tackle one without Dezzie.

I hope someone like the UKHTC (UK Human Trafficking Centre) grabs Andy Desmond and harness his passion. That is if he does retire!



3 responses to “Do we have Ju Ju on the ropes?

  1. Firstly I would love to thank Roddy for his very kind words.
    After 31 years of Police work across it’s broad spectrum I am calling it a day. I will no longer be a cop from 31st May 2012. It is true that I have for the last four years been researching and investigating Nigerian organised human trafficking for the purposes of sexual exploitation from Edo State into the United Kingdom and then onward to mainland Europe. As a result of that work, I have gained advanced knowledge in this particular field. I may have even proved that I may have something, following the conviction and the sentencing to twenty years imprisonment of Anthony Harrison for his part in the trafficking of two teenage females who had been subjected to a series of juju ceremonies then brought to the UK, raped , imprisoned and then sold to slave traders in Madrid,and Athens. One of these females I actually had intercepted and rescued as she was about to board the plane to Greece. A great, if not the greatest moment in my 31year career.
    Therefore I am sad to say, in answer to Roddy’s question regarding being taken up by the UKHTC; I did write to the UKHTC asking for a possible post working with their victim unit in order that i could continue and pass on my knowledge etc, only to receive a reply saying, That SOCA is not recruiting, but they do not recruit direct into the UKHTC and all postings is made internally from it’s current staff in the other departments of SOCA.
    In other words go away and leave us alone.
    My question is, being the first and maybe the only detective in Europe to have broken a juju curse with two young Nigerian female victims and achieved a successful prosecution for charges of trafficking into and out of the United Kingdom for the purposes of sexual exploitation. in which those very brave victims stood up and gave their evidence in person against their trafficker during the trial. Who else in SOCA / UKHTC has or equally holds the same level of knowledge and experience? because from their negative response to me they must have because they don’t wish me to become a team member.
    Therefore as from 31st May 2012 I will be taking my knowledge, skill and experience with me. I guess this is my goodbye to the world or investigating human trafficking and someone else can re-invent the wheel regarding and understanding the issues of Nigerian human trafficking and the use of Juju to control the victims.
    Thank you.

  2. Great work Andy. Thank you for all your work in the area of counter trafficking. Great article Roddy ! We are a new organization that are keen to learn from all the experiences that we can. Will keep reading 🙂

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