People Stand Up

Greetings from The Slave Detective,

Many moons ago I spoke at Croydon (South London) Community Agaist  Trafficking (CCAT), a Community group of volunteers from different walks of life, who had set themselves up to try and do something about Human Trafficking in their community.

I think this is the way forward, I said it then and I say it now. Community engagement is vital and ensuring that we assist these community groups to focus on issues to help investigatory powers to combat trafficking.

CCAT were very successful in targeting advertising in their local newspapers. The proved the ad’s, that we all know are for sexual services, were exactly that. They placed calls to adverts in the rear of their local newspapers and logged the response.

They then approached their local newspapers and confronted them with the evidence that they were profiting from sexual services.

It was a brilliant piece of work which I commend and as The Human Trafficking Team we were looking to go one step further targeting local internet averts in the area.

Unfortunately my team was disbanded and the Metropolitan Police Human Exploitation Unit do not see the value in such engagement.

I can feel the reader thinking I’m bashing the SCD9 unit again. They are too easy a target dear reader.

No this blog is about community engagement and heralding that it is still out there.

Which is why this article is so important. Orlando activists fighting human trafficking target online sex ads, sites.

The article seems to mirror the operation we were conducting.

This is what YOU can do in YOUR community. Inform your local Human Trafficking Team or Task Force what you are doing. They will welcome the intelligence gained from this.

Target your local newspapers. There is a National Publication in the UK, THE STAR, which openly advertises sexual services. The public can take these ‘Rags’ down. If public opinion states that we do not want Journalists to benefit from Prostitution and Human Trafficking, and we can prove it, we CAN make a difference without leaving our armchairs.

Visit CCAT via my links and see what you can do.



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