China Opens up

I read this article in the China Post, China

On first read the figures are staggering. I had a meeting in London with the Head of the Organised Crime Group for one region of China. he had 35,000 officers on his team. His area covered almost 40 Million people. Almost the size of The UK population.

But it is still interesting to see Human Trafficking being reported by the Chinese. We still have a huge number of Chinese Nationals smuggled into the UK in debt bondage.

This is often mistaken for Human Trafficking and there is a fine dividing line between the two that often fuzzes. To smuggle or be smuggled you have to cross an International boarder unlawfully..(just remember that Illegal is a sick bird!!!).

There is no requirement to be moved across an International Boarder. There is a large number of persons trafficked internally.

There was also a good news story relating to The Super Bowl in Indianapolis. The Statehouse reports that officials say that Human Trafficking was ‘nearly absent’ on the streets during the game. I’m not sure exactly how much they had before but I hope this also means there wasn’t any Human Trafficking victims anywhere near the games at all…. not just on the streets!



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