A glimpse into the horror the children endure

Greetings from The Slave Detective,

I glanced at this article in The Washington Post and almost passed over it….. I sometimes do that if it just repeats the same old stuff.

Then I got to a 13 years old child victim recounting her experience. This girl is 13 years old. What is this world coming too?

Please read her account…if not the whole article. I for one was chilled to the bone!

Then I had to ask myself ‘did I initially pass over this article because I am becoming immune?’

Do we just pass by these shocking articles because it hasn’t happened to us?

As one reader  said to me, “that doesn’t even sound REAL…it sounds like some movie plot”

They went on to say “I really believe that because so many people are exposed to that kind of ‘horror’ in movies so often they can’t ‘see’ it being real actual events”

 Maybe I need to review how lucky I am in this life?



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