At last a chance to Praise SCD9

Greetings from The Slave Detective,

I have in the past poured scorn on The Metropolitan Police Specialist Crime Directorate (SCD9) Human Exploitation Unit.

Today there is an article in the press about a conviction (at last) for trafficking of a male from Romania and the rescue of a seven year old child.

The article doesn’t make it clear if this case is one of SCD9’s. I hope it is after all this time.

Det Insp Kevin Hyland is the one quoted from the unit as saying “This is a horrendous case of the abuse of a child, coupled with the rape of a middle aged, professional man. This shows the total disregard traffickers have to the human rights of those they abuse. In partnership with our European colleagues the MPS will always bring these matters to justice.”

Be sure I will establish if it is one of their cases.

This case is also a huge tribute to a male victim. Males are often seen as not really victims but someone who is looking for the best for their family. It is often easier to understand how a male can bully a woman into being trafficked, even though women often make better traffickers. But with the macho image that follows men around you can almost hear the sound of ‘The would never happen to me’

I am on record using a technique where I traffick a female in about 8 minutes. I confess I stole this from a New York Detective who once confided his story to me (through the medium of video).

It was a story where he was patrolling, saw something down an alleyway and got out to investigate. He didn’t call in the fact that he was going to investigate. he found a couple of drunks having a brawl. He didn’t call it in . He was macho enough to deal with this without backup. Then one of them jumped him and grabbed his gun. Then he was made to perform various acts from getting to his knee’s and asking for mercy to performing sexual acts, to being raped. Then the left him.

He now had this issue. Who would believe he would give up his gun and allow himself to be raped? Surely he would have bluffed it out and seen if the drunks would have used his gun on him? How would his colleagues face him knowing he had allowed himself to be raped?

I have to say this video is amazing. Its impact has stayed with me for many years. I have always faced a victim knowing that it was the hardest thing they will have most likely done. Admitting they allowed themselves to be a victim. They have to tell their ordeal to someone who may judge them. Not ever really knowing.

If SCD9 have finally convicted someone, congratulations. It sounds like Investigating Officer Detective Constable Gemma Fraser will be looking after the victims well.



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