An Ex-Hooker’s Letter to her Younger Self

Greetings from The Slave Detective,

I am continually drawn to this blog by Stella Marr, The Secret Diary of a Call Girl.

She always raises the bar and awareness into the state of mind of a ‘Hooker’. Her words not mine.

I’m drawn to the clear message she passes over. I have been saying this sort of message for a while. My angle is ‘what woman would ring their parents to say….”I have this great job?”‘

I can’t see my daughters ringing me with the message and me being happy with their ‘choice’ of profession. I hear the words ‘this is the oldest profession’ …………..Ah then that will make it fine then?

But look at the word ‘choice’. I would really welcome an honest research into how many of these young ladies really had a choice. A real choice. I’m sure there will be some. I have met them.


I’m sure Stella wouldn’t mind me sharing this with you?


2 responses to “An Ex-Hooker’s Letter to her Younger Self

  1. Sir, whats clear to me based on studies I’ve read in US and Canada, is that people who pay for the slavery that is referred to as prostitution, are paying for other people to harm themselves. They are most likely contributing to a world-wide criminal enterprise whose methods include abduction, rape and torture of girls. The media participates by calling these slaves “prostitutes” or “child-sex-workers”. Seriously? Did they choose that because of the great health benefits they get? Of course not!

  2. I just did a blog on how you can go on line and rent a slave, if you have the money, I cannot believe we have come to this. The link is on my blog, Most of the females are in Asia. You pick who you want, pay the money, and they are flown to your front door.
    What is this legal trafficking, are you serious?
    I am in the BDSM lifestyle, but it is safe, and consensual, always.
    That is what I try to teach on the blog. Ways for women to be safe in the lifestyle.
    This company should be shut down. It has to be illegal.

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