Police bust massive sex trafficking ring

Greetings from The Slave Detective,

This is a headline that I love to see. The fear being stamped into the Traffickers hearts.

I’m not highlighting this just to warm my heart though!

I’m highlighting it as the case is in Sweden. Sweden has completely outlawed prostitution. So it is with interest I am following this case. There is no mention of the victims just that 255 men had been fined in a city for using sexual services.

What I found really interesting though was the comments attached to the article. These were very enlightening.

That is a group of people that I would love to sit down in a room and discuss with. There is also an excellent point in the comments that whoever had written the article which is focused on a Romanian Network, posted a picture of a black woman working as a prostitute.

Someone else who should be looking for a new job!!!


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