Foreign nationals to get free HIV treatment

Greetings from The Slave Detective,

I saw an interesting article today on ‘spin’ It was about a US Politician who’s distant relative was hanged as a horse thief and train robber. When his private office was asked to comment on this little bit of American history for a book forward the reply sent back was ‘spin’ of the highest order and absolutely shameless. It ended with the words he had died in an unfortunate accident when the stage he was on collapsed!!

When human trafficking grabs the headline it is understandable that out leaders sometimes stretch a fact to suit.

And so it was that I read ‘Foreign nationals to get free HIV treatment’. “What has this to do with Human Trafficking?” I hear you mutter!!

Well….Ministers are backing the move, which would benefit foreign students, workers and victims of human traffickingwho have been in Britain for at least six months.

Who on earth thought it was a good idea to include victims of Human Trafficking in this press statement?

All of my cases were given the finest medical treatment in the most victim focused way by the brilliant ‘Havens’ who specifically deal as a one stop shop for victims of sexual offences.

This poorly thought out press release does nothing for victims of Human Trafficking except pour doubt into their minds….. a trafficker could say ‘Look you won’t get any treatment in The UK for 6 mths!!”  So this press release has possibly added another string to the bow of the trafficker. Another control method?

It also links a victim into the health tourist debate.

This is spin at it’s worst!


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