You Never Forget Your First Pimp

Greetings from The Slave Detective,

That line certainly caught my eye, that is for sure. I recently discovered a web page ‘The Secret Life of a Call Girl’.

One of the bravest women I met during the time I was on The Human Trafficking Team was a young Hungarian victim. She rescued another victim and with the help of the Hungarian Embassy ran into me. My team changed their lives forever in a better way. She had kept a diary of events, as she had for most of her life. I’ve mentioned her diary before and will never tire of pointing the reader to it. I think it an amazingly selfless act to allow her diary to be published to make others aware of her plight.

So reading this blog reminded me of that case. It is also hard to stop reading.

I come to a part in the blog, just after reading the treatment two pimps dish out.

“To  those who would say legalisation would make prostitution safer: I think the same  thing any former prostitute I’ve ever spoken to thinks, which is that you may as  well legalise rape and battery to try to make them safer. You cannot legislate  away the dehumanising, degrading trauma of prostitution, and if you try to, you  are accepting a separate class of women should exist who have no access to the  human rights everyone else takes for granted.”

The writer of the blog was a ‘working girl’ and is brave enough to share her thoughts. Another brave soul helping others. Please read her accounts. They are amazing and pointed.


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