Efforts Launched Against Sex Trafficking Scourge

Greetings from The Slave Detective,

One group of persons I have recently been in touch with are a group of Lawyers from Rochester, New York. They currently contribute to a blog highlighting legal solutions known as Lawyers.com. They have posted several blogs in relation to Human Trafficking entitled ‘New Efforts Launched Against Sex Trafficking Scourge.’ and Illinois Merits Passing Grade in Child Sex Trafficking Analysis.

Both raise lively debate on firstly the Sex trade around the Super Bowl, (won by NY Giants…. see we do keep up!) and the second on how each State in the USA is grade as to its individual response to how it tackles Child Trafficking. If your American how is your State ranked? Once again it something you can influence by having a voice.

The UK doesn’t have individual ‘State’ laws. Scotland does have slightly different legislation but it all pretty much covers the same points of law. Its hard enough to get cross boarder co-operation between the 43 Police Force area’s in the UK let alone tackle ‘State’ or County Laws. The USA also runs the T.I.P report, some of which is available on my links section. It is a good way to gauge Country attitude to Human Trafficking in all forms.

I want to commend New York Attorney Stephen De Luca for his articles and I will be watching out for more as he inspires his community.


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