Girl, 10, kept as ‘virtual slave’. More Human Trafficking.

Greetings from The Slave Detective,

I commence this blog with a warning!

Everyone is presumed innocent until convicted.

On a day when I hooked up with a couple of old colleagues from The Child Protection Team at New Scotland Yard and heard some of the horrid cases they are currently dealing with I note that this story is in the news.

Girl, 10, kept as ‘virtual slave’  is a headline on The BBC and tells a story of a child, now 19, who was kept in a cellar as a virtual slave for almost a decade.

There are many who will struggle to understand how someone can be kept as a ‘virtual slave’. The easy question is ‘Why didn’t they just run away?’

It is a topic I have covered many times. ‘The Stockholm Syndrome’ is maybe a good way to describe it. It is this tinged with a level of dependency, fear of the unknown and general level of control over the victim. The means to escape coupled with a language barrier, a fear of authority, passed on from the captor and the fear of reprisal to the family. These are all compelling methods that work in the Traffickers favour.

The victim then has to trust their rescuers. No doubt in an instance like this they feel that no one will believe such upstanding members of the community could do such a thing.

On the Human Trafficking Team we had something very similar in one of our first cases. R V’s RAHMAN. The victim has come to the UK from Bangladesh and was met by the Travel Agent. When she reported what had happened to her initially she decided not to tell us that she had been raped by him on her arrival to the UK before being passed on as a sex slave for a 72yr old male. He was also arrested and died of natural causes whilst awaiting trial. Maybe he now has to face his maker in a trial?

 This victim has very bravely agreed to assist other trafficked victims by featuring in a ‘Living Lens’ educational video. Living Lens are producing three video’s. One for victims to let the authorities know what they are going through. One to let the victims know what they are about to encounter and the final one is going to be aimed at rehabilitation of offenders. 

RAHMAN received 7 years imprisonment. You can read the full story when my book is published.


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