France steps up The Fight Against Human Trafficking


Greetings from The Slave Detective,

I read an interesting article which was posted on Human Trafficking News today.

France is no longer to be a sexual playground. The article starts of with some political rhetoric against Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the French Politician who was arrested in New York for rape. The story, it transpires was one of him not paying for his sexual services.

It then goes on to talk about new legislation being proposed by The French Government. It has to be said that is by no means law just yet. It is a great talking point though and raises some very good questions. Please click on the link and read it.

It discusses the proposed French legislation that follows the model that is already in force in most of the Nordic countries, which is built on the public consensus that the system of prostitution promotes violence against women by normalizing sexual exploitation. Thus, in a society that aspires to advance women’s equality, it is unacceptable for men to purchase women for sexual exploitation, whether rationalized as a sexual choice or as “sex work.”

I love this discussion. Does this system push Prostitution underground? Does it prevent trafficking? What do The Nordic Police Authorities think? The Dutch system is liberal on the question of prostitution. Is this a better model for prevention of Trafficking? I know the Dutch Police Authorities are frustrated in their fight against trafficking by their laws.

I don’t seek to express my view in this blog but to raise discussion. What do you think?


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