World View?

World View

So, how do you see The World?? 

The map above is slightly tongue in cheek…..or is it?

I can’t claim to be clever enough to have made it or even found it!!

When we look at persons from other area’s of the world how do we view them? This is a very touchy subject in the UK. Are we institutional racists? Are all Eastern European women walking around in the Olympic part of London ‘Working Girls’ ?

Are all Mexicans viewed as cheap easy labour (or labor) in the USA?

How are you perceived in your environment?

For example when I think of Florida I think of Disney, an older population that have migrated south and ‘The Keys’ either bathed in sun or hit by hurricanes. I don’t think about women, exploited and tricked. This Florida news story has another victims story. They are not stories………………………. they are factual encounters that victims empower themselves by sharing with us.

I want to share them with you!

Listen to Sara. She speaks clearly. She is a US citizen. Why should she have to endure this?

Esmerelda was a child trafficked from Latin America to work. You can hear the helplessness in her voice. ‘Jail would be better’

‘Given’ was a young boy who was trafficked. The community rescued him when they realised that the well rehearsed story he gave wasn’t possibly true.

There is the garment worker that was enslaved.

Yes there are people like her really stuck between a rock and a hard place.

There are some great, simple questions in this video. Watch it and let me know what you think.


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