Northern Ireland’s fastest growing Industry

Greetings from The Slave Detective,

I know my very good friend Andy Desmond has recently been in N.Ireland working on some of their problems. He is just one of the experts The Metropolitan Police Human Trafficking Team created. His knowledge on West African trafficking is not to be underestimated. Both he and DC Mark Simpson, (affectionately know to me as ‘Summo’) were the backbone of the team. They feature strongly in my book and were the reason many of our cases were so successful.

As I have previously noted The Police Service of Northern Ireland are very aware of their problems with Human Trafficking and are progressive in dealing with it.

The BBC news posted an article raising their bar in the province. At a time when many Police Force area’s in the UK are reducing their response to trafficking (well we solved the problem…ignore it and it will go away) The PSNI have strengthened their Task Force. I don’t think they have a greater problem than anywhere else, just a greater awareness.

Just think it is reported that by this time tomorrow, 36,000 more people will have been trafficked, an alarming statistic in anyone’s book.

With 12,500 corporations having signed the Athens Ethical Principles drawn up in 2006 by End Human Trafficking Now campaign we, the trafficking community, have made progress in preventing trafficking, but the process of identifying where traffickers get an advantage never ends. Organisations in the business community  must harness their influence to support worthy causes. We must inform them of what we want from them, in every way we can, including fair trade issues. You have a voice.


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