Greetings and an Update or two.

Greetings from The Slave Detective,

Having arrived back from being on the piste I thought I’d refresh my blog page and see how January’s month of action was getting along!

The NGO ‘Not For Sale’ continue to push to educate and inform. I note that they have a conference in Atlanta…..I hope they work with Georgia’s Department of Education who also strive to raise issues in relation to Human Trafficking.

Not For Sale also have very cool ‘T’shirts to promote their ‘Free2Rock’ where each month a new band promotes the fight for slavery, the shirts are Free Trade and all the profits go to fighting slavery. The shirts look neat too!!

UNODC have also joined the looking good brigade. They have added to their blue heart campaign (I’m often seen wearing mine on my suit).

They have teamed up with a watch maker (very timely) and also offer their profits to fight trafficking. I only hope both causes ensure the cash gets to the fight.

So have you asked yourself “What have I done to combat slavery this month”?

Maybe these are a couple of ways but then there is always the very simple way. Making sure you purchase wisely using Fair Trade products where you can


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