Sold For Sex, in Our Backyards

Greetings from The Slave Detective,

A catchy title for this blog. Stolen from an article about a place I have recently visited. Atlanta.

Sold for Sex, in our Backyards is an article that was pointed out to me by friends who work at Delta Airlines. It highlights Atlanta as a major hub. It is yet another article that sends a chill down your spine. I have two daughters and I wouldn’t wish anything like this on them.

It was a point that I raised on my recent presentation in Atlanta.

The Georgia Department of Education has been running a series of lectures focused on Trafficking entitled “Not in Georgia” 

Georgia is actively doing something to raise the bar on trafficking. President Obama decreed January to be National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month . At the end of January Georgia DOE hold their third conference.

January 30-31, 2012 Seminar

Key note presenter:

Maria Velikonja, Served as a key note speaker at the United Nations Human Trafficking Conference in March, 2010. Background includes training senior law enforcement officers and prosecutors in Moldova on human trafficking investigations and training 30 senior police officials and prosecutors from Russia, Armenia and Georgia at the International Law Enforcement Academy in Budapest, Hungary on human trafficking investigations. Co-authored the book, Law Enforcement Manual for Fighting Against Trafficking of Human Beings and wrote “Critical Steps to Solving the Human Trafficking Problem in Southeastern Europe”, Policing in Central and Eastern Europe.

Additional presenters:

Jency and Nathan Shirai are activists and advocates for the end of human trafficking. Together they managed a fair trade retail store in downtown Chattanooga, and Jency continues in direct sales of fair trade merchandise handcrafted by rescued victims of the sex trade.  Nathan and Jency are also active volunteers for International Justice Mission and frequently coordinate events in their community to raise awareness and funds for the fight against modern day slavery.  In 2009, they traveled to India to visit the fair trade organizations that they support in order to get a better understanding of how to advocate for them in the United States.

Lectures: (In Order on the Schedule)

Maria Velikonja – Human Trafficking on a Global Scale–What We Can Learn From Eastern Europe


Maria Velikonja – Identifying Human Trafficking in Georgia


Jency and Nathan Shirai – Two American Citizens Involved in Supporting Human Trafficking Victims Outside of the United States

Maria Velikonja – Combating Human Trafficking in Georgia–What You Can Do


February 27-28, 2012 Seminar

Key note presenters:

Christine Dolan, Authored the ground-breaking Human Trafficking report, Shattered Innocence – The Millennium Holocaust, which was endorsed by Interpol, as well as international law enforcement and intelligence agencies, and Heads of State. Served as a speaker multiple times at the United Nations both in Geneva and New York in the last decade on human trafficking. Has given presentations for the OSCE, the European Union, the French National Assembly. Has hosted HT symposium, trained law enforcement personnel, participated in law enforcement trainings, and trained journalists on six continents. She covered politics at ABC News and served as political director of Cable News Network.

Eva Havelkova Ph.D., United Nations Fund for Women/UNIFEM, Bratislava, Slovakia, National Programme Officer for 17 countries dealing with various women’s issues including human trafficking. Currently with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Slovak Republic, Development and Humanitarian Aid Department. Gender expert and external consultant for the Slovak Republic for the European Commission.

Lectures: (In Order on the Schedule)

Christine Dolan The Eight Faces of Human Trafficking

Eva Havelkova – Post-Communist Countries in Europe – A New Market for Human Traffickers – Eva Havelkova

Eva Havelkova – Steps Taken by Slovakia and other European Union Countries to Combat Trafficking – Eva Havelkova

Christine Dolan – Linking Global Human Trafficking to the State of Georgia


I’m proud to say I opened this conference. I hope these lecutures are well received.

I pose a question as I close and head off to play in the snow in Austria for a week.


Can you answer with your hand on your heart. Delta, Georgia and many others can.




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