So….There is no Human Trafficking in Amsterdam??

Greetings from The Slave Detective,

Disappointed that we are 3 days into 2012 and The UK has yet to produce anything like the ‘out of the blocks’ response to Trafficking that President Obama has I turn to Europe.

Today I did a presentation on Child Trafficking in Romania. It isn’t something my readers haven’t heard from me previously. Sorry to bore you!!

But what I did spy was this article about trafficking in Holland’s, Amsterdam.

Now Amsterdam is put forward as the Dutch liberal answer to our draconian laws around prostitution. If we didn’t have these laws human trafficking would be drastically reduced, I’m told by the International Union of Sex Workers (IUSW) . (see my post 11.11.11).

I think not. My working visits to The Netherlands highlighted the frustration the Dutch Police face in tackling this problem. Far from reducing trafficking it has make Holland the Trafficking Centre of Europe. The Police have had their teeth removed and can not tackle it efficiently.

This article talks about Vera who was open and engaging with everyone she met. She appeared to be “free” and working on her own. Vera spoke freely with the police officers and social workers, and was considered a legal, self-employed prostitute.

In truth, Vera was working for a pimp who encouraged her to maintain this illusion of freedom.

The Article is from ‘Not For Sale’ who seek to create an alternative option for women like Vera who seek a life outside of prostitution.

Education is The Key, not only for the victims but for those who think that Human Trafficking is acceptable!



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