Turning up The Heat


Greetings from The Slave Detective and more happiness in your New Year,


So on day two of The American Promise, Californian have stepped up to the plate (see even us Brits know baseball terms!). A law to establish the providence of goods.


I’m not naive in thinking this law was created yesterday. It has of course been in the pipeline for some time.


It is a very brave step towards ensuring slave labour isn’t used to produce goods. A Fair Trade Law?


GAP is mentioned in the article. Let us hope President Obama asks the other 49 States to take note. I’m sure it isn’t just California where persons are exploited in forced labour.


What about the 51st State? David Cameron pay attention!!!


 This is a tiny step towards proper fair trade but a bold one. I hope it has teeth? Is it going to be a law that it is worth breaking, the punishment being inducement not to break the law?


 Will the financial inducement be too strong and companies take the risk knowing that prosecution is unlikely? Or, will it be financially palatable for them to take the chance.


From January 1, about 3,200 major companies doing business or based in California, a list that includes Apple Inc and Gap Inc, will be required to disclose steps they take, if any, to ensure their suppliers and partners do not use forced labour.


Will California tackle to black economy? The cash trade, slave labour of illegal immigrants that everyone seems to turn a blind eye to in California?

 I hope so?




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