It only Takes a Girl!!

 Greetings from The Slave Detective,


Once again I owe many thanks to someone for pointing me in the direction of this You Tube. Having watched “It only takes a girl” I think it is hard hitting and worthy.


I will caution you though… does someone come up with some of the quoted figures?


I say this because I read an article in the Guardian today. It was talking about a rise in % of persons complaining about your Police. (Well the UK Police!) It even went on to say The German Police were more respected. That’s because you don’t mess with them as they will uncompromisingly take you out with the full support of their public because they want discipline!


What it failed to mention was that substantiated allegations against Police have dropped. I’m sure someone will say it is because they are not investigated properly.


My point though is this. Why do we just accept figures that are placed in front of us. Do your own research. I recently went to a lecture where the professor questioned where some of the UN figures had come from on Human Trafficking. He was shocked to trace them back to a paper he had written fifteen years before where he suggested that one in Five women were being sexually abused in a certain community! The lecture was far more complicated than my three line blog but the message is still the same. QUESTION STATS……QUESTION THE PRESS!


I’ve never been approached to be involved in a Poll. I know people have and avoided them as they didn’t have the time!




So who is it that is questioned during these Polls and have the time to give an opinion. How scientific is their opinion and how is it reported?




I don’t cast any doubt on the stats in this video, I think it is excellent and raises a great point. But it is worth considering!!



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