This Could be you!!

Greetings from The Slave Detective,

Well I’ve been full of Christmas fun this week. Then this news article was passed to me !! We all need a job!

With austerity measures taking grip throughout the Western World and the poor being exploited, this article in The Telegraph (click the link above) is worth considering.

There are always comments made to me about legalising prostitution. I personally think it would have a devastating effect on trafficking but I’m open to discussion on it.

Sex trafficking would also be legalised as the secondary offence within trafficking ie Controlling Prostitution or a sexual offence, would be almost impossible to achieve.

I mean by this that in order for the law enforcement to prove trafficking they most prove movement, exploitation and motive. The exploitation part is usually a sexual offence of any kind. Most likely controlling prostitution. Managing it.

Legalising Prostitution would remove that element. This would make convictions for trafficking very difficult.

So, would legalising it then lead to women being forced to work as prostitutes? As in this article?

 Its very possible.

 Another example of the poor being exploited.

On another note it was heartening to hear from the head of The Metropolitan Police Human Exploitation Unit this week. He states that the prostitution problem around the Olympic site has been removed and the area has been cleaned up.

Interesting,  since I had recently driven around that very area. I posted my findings which are available to the reader in my post of the 10th December. My how things change in a week.

I suspect that this just another example of those in Ivory Towers never leaving them and having little grasp on reality. I heard one NGO stating that this was just another lie similar to the ones made while promising to uphold the previous Human Trafficking Teams ethos to tackling Human Trafficking.

I will take a drive out east this week just in case they worked a miracle in the last seven days.

I’ve been waiting 18mths for them to arrest and prosecute a real trafficker so I won’t hold my breath!!

On another note I now have 1500 followers on this page. Thank you. If there is anything you wish me to cover let me know.



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