More Human Rights

 Greetings from The Slave Detective,

It appears I missed an article in the British Press about The Human Rights Act yesterday. Of course it was the UN’s Human Rights day yesterday. Britain did recognise it…they announced a weakening in the EU law!!

 I’m not sure that too much control of UK laws is a good thing and often criminals are often slipping through the net because their Human Rights are allegedly infringed.

It is time that victims’ rights were strengthened and common sense, the small voice and common man were considered first.

Northern Ireland are continuing to up their game. This recent article “Human trafficking in NI is ‘a hidden crime’!” looks at how they are working to raise the awareness. The PSNI continue to rate Trafficking as a Serious Organised Crime and task their very best detectives to the problem. I know many of them and proud to say I have worked with them.


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