Human Rights Day

Greetings from The Slave Detective,

So today, 10th of December 2011 was declared Human Rights Day by the UN.

How was this day marked in The UK?  I can find no trace of it!

With the Olympics heading towards us I look towards the East End of London where our Olympic Village is going to be house. Today there are more Massage Parlours than corner shops on our high street. The Traffickers are gearing up to make a killing in the sex slave department.

In LA there was a mention of this day. but what is being done to put fear into the hearts of those exploiting the vulnerable and the poor. The standard of living gap has widened between those that have and those that have not and as the bankers grip tightly to their fat wallets and Governments look to impose even more austerity measures on the public, that gap is set to widen and more persons will be made vulnerable and easy picking for the criminals…… who must be laughing as they watch law enforcement shrink their efforts in way to meet the financial constraints placed upon them.

Then we wonder why the criminals and the exploiters take their courses of action?

So its Human Rights day? Lets protect those who end up having their basic human rights taken away from them. Not encourage those to take them away.


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