Action on Gangs that Groom


Greetings from The Slave Detective,

Don’t forget to look at Slavery Footprint. It is good!

So what is today’s topic all about??

This is in relation to an article that was the front page and pages 8 & 9 of The Times, Monday 21st November, 2011. A follow up in the 23rd Nov edition.

The article is a very good one and highlighted the growing trend amongst the Asian male youth culture of grooming young White girls and the catalogue of failures by Police and care agencies to protect the victims being sold for sex. This week the UK Government will publish a national Action Plan  on child exploitation . The Times states it is a response to a previous article published by them. Unfortunately The Times charges you to view their on line articles. That is their privilege!

The Times lays out evidence of several 14 – 16  girls, groomed, gang raped and sold for sex by Asian gangs in Leeds and the locality of The Midlands/North.

case 1. A young boy killed in 2009 after his family home was set on fire by men targeting his 15yr old sister.

case 2. Leeds city council hired a private detective in 2011 in a bungled attempt to trail a 14yr old girl who was leaving a children’s home to spend days and nights with men in the heavily Asian populated Bradford.

case 3. A mother who took her 14yr old daughter to New Zealand to leave her with relatives in an attempt to help her break free from men who fed her drugs and raped her.

case 4. A father from Keithley, near Bradford, who was told that police did not receive information  – names addresses, dates, phone numbers, and cars – which he regularly gave to a social worker, about men abusing his 14yr old daughter and other young girls.

A youth worker estimated that 80% of the young girls they worked with were sleeping with Asian males, usually of Pakistani origin.

This article is a huge journalistic piece written by Andrew Norfolk (of whom I have no knowledge).

It is an excellent article that highlights a recent failed case where Police did prosecute a gang of Asian males for Trafficking these young woman. It would be easy to try and say it has racist overtones. Asian boys grooming girls. Boys will be boys etc!

Its a shame I can’t post the link to this article. This is far more sinister than boys being boys. The girls were specifically groomed. It matters not what origin they are. They were then encouraged to become sexual experimantal. Sometimes on a web cam which was then used to compromise them….” I will show your parents/friends if you do not do as I tell you”

pause for a moment there and maybe even visit my blog where I trafficked someone on stage. It starts a little at a time and then targets the point of least resistance. As a young girl still at school would you want your image plastered around, posted, Facebook tagged, blogged? Its as simple as that. Then once cornered, and looking for the point of least resistance they are trapped. Once trapped they are completely exploited.

So what did this case fail?

Members of the public are the ones on juries. “This is so hard to believe, could it be true or is it just young folk experimenting.” It could be said  “The public get the justice their deserve.” Or could it be that expert detectives are not running these cases? As was the case with The Human Trafficking Team that the Metropolitan Police in London once had!

I’m sorry to say it is easy to blame the Police. Yes they do make mistakes. Yes they do maybe not give 1000% to one case. I have friends working on Child Protection Teams in London who have 25 cases each. They are under huge pressure to clear cases, as are The Crown Prosecution Service. This isn’t victim focused approach. This is high volume, low resources and low support from senior officers who are only looking to self promote.

I learned this week that the unit that took over the Human Trafficking Team, SCD9, The Human Exploitation Unit, are already cutting back their team. Human Trafficking isn’t going away and The Olympics are just around the corner. ! Its true that they are not producing the results that the old team did. Their tactics, designed by senior management with limited knowledge or experience of this issue, will not produce them. £200 Million is being slashed from the Policing Budget.

Something has to give.

Is that something, Slavery Victims?

I hate to sound negative but the excuse used is “ This issue is not a Policing Problem highlighted by the public”

Let the public be heard!


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