Human trafficking spreads to Norfolk’s fields – Slave Labour

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So whats in The News today?  The Gangmaster Licencing Authority (GLA).

They were the other unit that were identified with the now defunct Metropolitan Police Human Trafficking Team as the centre of excellence (click to see May 2009 link). It is good to see that continue their great work.

Click here to read the news article.

This highlights that Sex Slave Trafficking isn’t the only form of Human Trafficking on the increase. Forced Labour and Domestic Servitude continue to be on the increase. It maybe that these cases were always there and that we have now become more aware or it could be that most Police Forces, fealing the ecconomic squeeze put the cases in the too difficult tray. Either way its good to see the GLA getting the recognition.

The message about fair trade has also been address by a group Students from 20 universities across the United States who were involved in “U.S. Spotlight on Human Trafficking” conference call .

More students could voice their opinion and get involved very easily in the Fair Trade issue.


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