Powerful Point – New York Times


Greetings from The Slave Detective,

Today is a very interesting day The New York Times ran an article about Fighting Back, One Brothel Raid at a Time. (Click New York Times to read it)

Whilst I echo the sentiment and idea charging into Brothels to raid them isn’t the best policy and only aids articles fired from other quarters like ‘Most sex workers not trafficked’ 

I’ve been into a few brothels in my time and very few if any victims were rescued at that point of contact. The laws are undoubtedly different in each country but cultivating victims during ‘armed raids’ doesn’t strike me as victim friendly!!!


On another note The Slavedetective.wordpress.com has now breached 1,000 hits. I have launched a couple of my recent power point presentations for viewing should you be interested?

Please feel free to give feed back or contact me for more information. Remember it is about Education, awareness and empowerment not only for sex slaves but domestic servitude, forced labour and other forms of trafficking.



2 responses to “Powerful Point – New York Times

  1. I was thinking about you yesterday when I read this article in the NYT and voila it appears on your website. Hope you continue to get a lot more hits. All the best.

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