Olympic Games…. Human Trafficking Victims Doubled

Getting tough on trafficking and prostitution

We are determined to crack down on prostitution and human trafficking in the run up to the London 2012 Games.


A key part of ending violence against women

The Mayor made tackling prostitution and trafficking ahead of 2012 a key part of his strategy to end violence against women.

Major sporting events are often linked to an upsurge in demand for prostitution, which in turn fuels human trafficking. At the Athens Olympics the number of known human trafficking victims almost doubled.”


It then beggars belief that The Metropolitan Police were allowed to close their Human Trafficking Team dedicated to combating this issue two years before the games began.  Instead of having a team to concentrate on Vice and one to focus on Trafficking, with a team of specialist detectives, The Met chose it’s vice squad to investigate trafficking.

The Met has in it’s armoury one of this countries and no doubt the worlds leading Human Trafficking Detectives, a UNODC expert in Human Trafficking and a person who has spent more time tackling, designing and delivering training on the subject than anyone in Policing circles. Where have they deployed him???

He’s on a credit card fraud unit. UNBELIEVABLE!! Who lets these people out of the asylum?

They have other experts they have deployed elsewhere or like me put out to pasture to retire. DISGRACEFUL organisation. (and this is not all about me.com!!)

 Are they brought to task for their foolhardiness? NO!! The Met promotes them to cause chaos with their lack of knowledge, elsewhere. This is resulting in Organised Criminal Networks roaming free and victims suffering.

So when the persons who prioritise policing in London….The Mayors Office…. state they are getting tough on the issue, hard questions need to be poised. What are you doing?


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