Most London sex workers ‘not trafficked’

Greetings from The Slave Detective,

Well hopefully this banner caught your attention. It did mine!!

The article makes very interesting reading.

Dr Nick Mai has long been a supporter of the International Union of Sex Workers (IUSW) .

But read this article and look beyond the dismissive tone of NGO work.

The article states that Dr Mai  “discovered 13% of female interviewees felt they had been exploited and only 6% of female interviewees felt they had been “deceived and forced into selling sex in circumstances within which they had no share of control or consent”.”

Passing over the use of the word ONLY…… ONLY 6% felt they had been trafficked.

I find myself asking is this an acceptable number that we can sit back and allow slavery to continue.

Only 13% felt they had been exploited!! Do the numbers for yourselves then ask how could anyone put the word ONLY in front of any of those figures.

I posted this to generate discussion. What do you think. I’m interested.


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