Operation Golf & Operation Shawm Updates

Greetings from the Slave Detective,

Another busy week for the Slave Detectives.

Panorama have just aired their year long documentary working with Op Golf. It was very interesting watching and the final caveat is that it still continues despite the best efforts of the authorities.


The overriding message from the program must be this. Attitudes have to change. It is not acceptable in a modern society for children to be used as begging tools especially when they are being used to rape the benefits system paid for by the honourable tax payer.

Supt Gravett (now retired) and Chief Inspector Carswell are the face of Op Golf and the hard work undertaken to stamp this exploitation out. I will be interested to read the comments on the Panorama program.

Yesterday (Tuesday the 18th October) two other great detectives joined me to receive commendations for their excellent work rescuing Hungarian Trafficked Women. I have mentioned this case previously.  OP SHAWM. Detective Constable Jim Cavenham and Detective Constable Fiona Crean, both of the now closed down Human Trafficking Team, were commended not only by The Metropolitan Police but The trial Judge and prosecution council, Catherine Pattison. Ms Patterson also deserves a huge thank you for rescuing the case from The Crown Prosecution Service some of whom did their level best to have the case withdrawn.

I’m humbled to have worked with such talented people.

Also this blog would like to highlight the bravery of our trafficked victims.

One of Operation SHAWM’s victims allowed her intimate diary to be published. It is a must read and an amazing insight.



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