Roddy trafficks young women

Roddy Llewellyn–SSTOP

This is an audio recording of me taking two ‘victims’ from my audience and trafficking them.

It highlights that it doesn’t have to be vulnerable, uneducated persons who become victims but circumstance and allowing ‘the easiest form of resistance’ to a situation, which any of us can fall into.

Operation SHAWM is a great example of that. Two of my team, Jim Cavenham and Fiona Crean, investigated a Hungarian case. One of the victims was ‘assisted to escape’ potential Iranian traffickers in Holland. Her rescuer was infact grooming her for work in the UK.

The  second victim answered an advertisement in Hungary for sex workers to work in the UK. She had never engaged in the industry before, was a poor student and had mounting debts. The lure of big money made her take the plunge. The reality was very different.

She amazingly detailed her encounter in her diary. The seven days of her personel hell was later published in the Independant News Paper.



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