West AfricanTrafficking

Investigating Nigerian Sexual exploitation Human Trafficking

Attached to this page is a report written by a very good friend of mine and a great detective Andy Desmond.

When Andy joined the Human Trafficking Team I tasked him to focus on a subject within trafficking. I pressed him to focus on the most difficult subject in the field. African trafficking.

When I had first began to engage with The NGO’s (POPPY etc) one stat stood out amongst the rest. Their customers were 90% from the African Continent.

When you looked at the victims we were initially dealing with none were from The African Continent.

This made me pose the question. WHY? Something must be seriously wrong in the system.

 Was it that we were ignoring African victims? I don’t think so.

Was in because the NGO’s were being used as a conduit for entry into the UK? Possibly!

It was Andy that flagged up that the victims were scared to engage with the authorities. The cause of this was witchcraft….. JUJU/VODOO

Andy wrote an indepth report following one of his investigation. This investigation turned out to be, in his words, “The best and most difficult case I have delt with in my 30yrs as a cop”

Andy is one of those types that won’t let go.

The Metropolitan Police Human Trafficking Team (MAXIM) began the investigation. Right in the middle of the investigation the funding for the unit was withdrawn and the unit closed down.

Andy didn’t let that stop him. Despite huge pressure from his new bosses to forget the case because they saw it as too time consuming, he continued.

This year, on the 7th July 2011, almost four years after ‘Dezzie’ started his case, Anthony Harrison was conviscted and sentenced to 20years imprisonment.

This is what The Human Trafficking Team was set up to do.

I’ve attached press links to view.



The Barrister Riel Karmy-Jones posted on his page:-“This has been something of a unique case and ground-breaking. It’s the first time there has been a prosecution for trafficking out of the UK.It’s the first time the Crown has been able to persuade victims of these type of offences to give evidence.”




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